Finding the Right Bat Mitzvah Dress


Young ladies often require three outfits- one for Friday night services, one for their actual Bat Mitzvah, and a third for their party. This is their day to shine. Outfits for the Bat Mitzvah Girl should be special to them – something that they adore and feel beautiful in; however, this doesn’t mean that you have to “pay a fortune.”

Finding the right Bat Mitzvah Store

Many unique outfits are available “off the rack” at local boutiques. Don’t be shy about telling a store if you have a budget. Bat Mitzvah Dress Stores, like Synchronicity Boutique, that specializes in Bat Mitzvah fashions can help guide your selections in all of the above areas.  Avoid large department stores if possible- other girls may be wearing the same “special bat mitzvah dress” as your child!  Also, beware of online sites that you are not familiar with.  Their “too good to be true” pricing often hides that outfits may be “knock-offs” or damaged goods.  In addition, outfits usually look very different on your child then they do online, and are usually final sale.  Check a Bat Mitzvah Dress Store reputation and return policy before making a purchase.

When to buy your Bat Mitzvah Dress

Try not to purchase or alter her outfits more than 3 months prior to the event, since sizes can change rapidly for girls this age. If you do buy sooner, make certain to buy a full size larger than needed and wait until closer to your event date to have outfits altered.

Comfort and Synagogue policies are essential in your choice of clothing. Most Synagogues require that shoulders be covered and that skirts/dresses are an “appropriate length”- this length varies based on the Synagogue, so do check. Avoid scarves and pashmina-style wraps to cover her shoulders if she will be wearing a Tallit – bolero style jackets or light sweaters are much more comfortable.   Also, this is not the time for your daughter to wear “high heels.”  Make sure that her shoes truly fit well, and that she can comfortably walk in them.  “Ballerina flats” or low heels with ankle supports can be fashionable and very comfortable while in her bat mitzvah dress.

Now, lets be casual

For the reception, parents often buy inexpensive socks for every girl attending their party, especially if there will be a lot of dancing and games.  It has become a custom for girls to “kick off their shoes” and put on the socks almost as soon as they arrive at the reception!  You can also help your guests by using traditional or very descriptive terms to describe how you would like them to dress. Contemporary and novel descriptions like “country club casual,”  “business casual,” or “party clothes” can be frustrating and confusing.

Treasure her Bat Mitzvah

Finally and most importantly, this is a very special and meaningful day for your daughter and for your entire family.   “Don’t sweat the small details.”  Find the perfect Bat Mitzvah Dresses and Treasure the day!